Our Mission
We are a religious fellowship dedicated to providing a welcoming community where individuals can develop their spirituality free from imposed dogma and creed.  We are fundamentally committed to an ethical basis for living in accordance with  Unitarian Universalist principles that unite us to act to relieve social injustice and improve our communities

Facility Usage
The OUUF facility is to be used for programs and events developed and sponsored by the OUUF Board or staff to further the vision, mission and covenant of our congregation, or developed by a committee to further its stated purpose as described in the Policy and Procedure Manual.
We welcome activities having religious, public service, cultural, or social purposes provided the event furthers the mission of OUUF by strengthening the sense of community in the Sequim/Port Angeles area, advances a positive social objective, or promotes the general welfare.

Facility usage is subject to Board approval.

A nominal fee may be charged to help cover facility operation costs

Also see OUUF Facility Usage Fee policy

Feel free to contact OUUF Administrative Coordinator at admin@olympicuuf.com or call (360) 417-2665    Please refer to links below for information.
USAGE FEES 10-1-19

OUUF Facility Use Fee Policy 10-1-19

reviewed by OUUF Board 9/15/19

Contact: Administrative Coordinator    admin@olympicuuf.com  or 360-417-2665