Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Congregational Covenant
  • We, the members of the Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, commit ourselves
    to building and sustaining a healthy congregation that is welcoming, inclusive and empowering.
  • We affirm and celebrate each of our individual spiritual paths.
  • We honor our diversity with considerate, open discussions.
  • We covenant to support one another with respect, honesty, and compassion.
Covenant of right relations:

As individual members each of us is committed to practice attitudes and behaviors consistent with our collective congregational covenant. To enhance our mutual respect and trust, we agree to the following attitudes and behaviors towards each other:

  • I will be courteous, respectful, and helpful.
  • I will honor my promises and fulfill my commitments.
  • I will communicate openly and honestly and directly with anyone who is involved in matters of importance.
  • I will remain true to my personal convictions and support others to do the same.