Olympic UUF Weekly Weekly Updates

Weekly 1-19-26 2020

Weekly 1-12- 19 2020 REV  pdf

Weekly 1-5 to 1-12-2020  PDF

Weekly-Update-December 19-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-December 26-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-December 19-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-december 12-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-december 12-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-december 5-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-december 5-2019 PDF

Weekly-Update-Nov-28 to Dec 4 2019  PDF

Weekly-Update-Nov-28 to Dec 4 2019  WORD

  Weekly-Update-Nov-19-19  PDF

Weekly-Update-Nov-19-19  WORD

Weekly-Update-Nov 12-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-Nov 12-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-Nov 7-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-Nov 7-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-October 31-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-October 31-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-October 24-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-October 24-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-October 17-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-October 17-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-October 10-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-October 10-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-10- 3-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-October 3-2019WORD





Weekly-Update-September 12-19WORD

Weekly-Update-September 12-19PDF

Weekly-Update-September 5-19WORD

Weekly-Update-September 5-19PDF

Weekly-Update-August 29-19WORD

Weekly-Update-August 29-19PDF

Weekly-Update-August 22-19WORD

Weekly-Update-August 22-19PDF

Weekly-Update-August 15-19WORD

Weekly-Update-August 15-19PDF

Weekly-Update-Aug 8-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-Aug 8-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-Aug 1-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-Aug 1-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-July 25-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-July 25-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-July 18-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-July 18-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-July 11-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-July 11-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-JuLY 4-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-JuLY 4-2019PDF

Weekly-Update-June 27-2019WORD

Weekly-Update-June 27-2019PDF

Weekly-Update- June 20- 2019PDF

Weekly-Update- June 20- 2019WORD

Weekly-Update- June 13- 2019WORD

Weekly-Update- June 13- 2019PDF

Weekly-Update- June 6- 2019WORD

Weekly-Update- June 6- 2019PDF

Weekly-Update-May 30- 2019WORD

Weekly-Update-May 30- 2019PDF

Weekly-Update-May 16 – 2019WORD

Weekly-Update-May 16 – 2019PDF

Weekly-Update-May 12 – 2019WORD

Weekly-Update-May 12 – 2019PDF


Weekly-Update-May 2-19WORD

Weekly-Update-Apr – 25 -2019WORD

Weekly-Update-Apr – 25 -2019PDF

Weekly-Update-Apr – 18 -2019PDF

Weekly-Update-Apr – 18 -2019WORD

Weekly-Update-Apr – 11 -2019WORD

Weekly-Update-Apr – 11 -2019PDF

Weekly-Update-Apr – 4 -2019WORD

Weekly-Update-Apr – 4 -2019PDF















Weekly-Update-Jan -31- 2018 (Autosaved)WORD

Weekly-Update-Jan -31- 2018PDF

Weekly-Update-Jan -24- 2018PDF

Weekly-Update-Jan -24- 2018WORD

Weekly-Update-Jan – 17 – 2018WORD

Weekly-Update-Jan – 17 – 2018PDF

Weekly-Update-Jan – 10 – 2018WORD

Weekly-Update-Jan – 10 – 2018PDF

Weekly-Update-Jan – 3 – 2018WORD

Weekly-Update-Jan – 3 – 2018PDF



Weekly Update December 13, 2018 WORD

Weekly Update December 13, 2018 PDF

Weekly Update December 6, 2018 WORD

Weekly Update December 6, 2018 PDF

Weekly Update November 29, 2018 WORD

Weekly Update November 29, 2018 PDF

November – 15 -2018PDF

November – 15 -2018WORD

November – 8 -2018PDF

November – 8 -2018WORD

November – 1 -2018 WORD

November – 1 -2018 PDF

October-25-2018 PDF

October-25-2018 Word

October-18-2018 PDF

October-18-2018 WORD

October-11-2018 WORD

October-11-2018 PDF


October-4-2018 Weekly UpdatePDF

27-Sept-18 OUUF Weekly Update

27-Sept-18 OUUF Weekly Update WORD

20-Sept-18 OUUF Weekly Update pdf

20-Sept-18 OUUF Weekly Update WORD

13-Sept-18 OUUF Weekly Update WORD

13-Sept-18 OUUF Weekly Update PDF

06-Sept-18 OUUF Weekly Update PDF

06-Sept-18 OUUF Weekly UpdateWORD

30-August-2018 OUUF Weekly Update in pdf format

30-August-2018 OUUF Weekly Update in Word format

Newsletter August 26-2018 in pdf format

Newsletter August 16-26 pdf 

Newsletter August 16-26 word

Newsletter August 2-12 pdf

Newsletter July 22-29 pdf

Newsletter July 18-21 pdf

Newsletter July 18-21 word

What’s in the Weekly Newsletter?

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Each week the newsletter has information regarding this week’s:

Sunday Service Information

Service Leaders Information     

Story for all Ages Information 

Activities and Events

Community Building Opportunities

Social Justice Involvement

“Cally talks” are very interesting. Here is Cally Tauran giving a presentation on a trip she took to Haiti under the auspices of the Unitarian Service Committee.
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Pattie Miles
Social Media Editor
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