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Present: Dianne Whitaker, Sylvia Watkins-Castillo, Dave Large, Susan Kowitz, Greg Sensiba, Elaine Webber, Jim Casey
Absent: Rose Prestipino, Gail Oshry, Nick Dante

CALLED TO ORDER: 12:10 PM and the agenda was approved.

1. SECRETARY’S REPORT: Dave. The minutes of the May 20 Board meeting were approved.

a, The Treasurer’s report was approved as received.
b. Although we are spending more than we are receiving each month, that is due to having received total annual contributions from several members at the beginning of the year. On an annualized basis, we are on track.
c. Sylvia was approved to upgrade Quickbooks. She will done half the cost and the board approved spending the other half ($100).

3. COORDINATOR’S REPORT: (normally Gail).
a. We will have a listing in the DEX online edition, but have taken ourselves off of automatic renewal. b. It was reported that the front door locking mechanism is sticking. Dave Large volunteered to fix that. c. Dave Large also volunteered to write up something for the weekly regarding needing volunteers to clean up the kitchen after Sunday services.
d. Elaine volunteered to write something for the weekly encouraging members to make food contributions for coffee hour, given that many weeks we have only one or two food offerings.
e. Dianne authorized Gail to purchase an answering machine for calls to the church’s phone.
f. Several renters are being switched over to annual contracts to ensure that we don’t inadvertentlydouble-book the building.
g. It was noted that Gail has submitted her resignation, effective at the end of July.

4. SUNDAY SERVICES: Elaine. We are booked for speakers through the end of 2018. The committee is considering some new faces for service leaders.

a. A copy of the Newcomer Card was circulated.
b. A copy of the Gray Card (a compact summary of information of OUUF) was circulated for comment. Jim will make just a few as some of the information will be changing, including our email address and the name of the administrative coordinator.
c. A draft notecard master for Azella was circulated for comment. Jim will have a few made forAzella’s approval and use.
d. A draft of a newcomer follow-up card was circulated. The revised wording was approved with minor changes.
e. Our new Web site address will be We will let the membership know when that is effective.


f. Jim would like a better method for making sure visitors are matched with a member to make sure theyaren’t left alone during or after the service.

7. SOCIAL JUSTICE: no report.

a. Julia may coordinate with the Membership task force with respect to a specific outreach to families with children., perhaps at their July 10 meeting.
b. The studio (children’s RE space) was cleaned and the riser removed from that area.
c. Dave Large volunteered to secure the bookcase in the trailer to prevent fall-over accidents.


a. There was a continuing discussion of the problem that our members tend to fill up enough of the chairs on the right of the room that newcomers tend to see the room as full when there are plenty of seats.
b. There was a discussion of whether all Web addresses shown on our literature should have the same suffix, and whether they should be generic, so that the literature would not have to be changed with a change of officers and/or staff and that so the transition between people doing specific jobs would be easier. The Board decided to table this for further discussion. Sylvia will summarize the options, with their costs.
c. Jack plans on having the new Web site active in August, with the old site deactivated in September. d. Elaine has contacted the County to let them know we have accepted their proposal for use of our facilities for training and use in an emergency.

a. The Board decided to not renew our subscription to Touchstones.
b. The Board decided that the Membership Outreach Task Force should make operational decisions, reserving Board oversight only for major decisions.

a. Elaine requested a line-by-line review of future budgets for the Board as a group before we approve them, perhaps in early November. The Board approved this.
b. The Board discussed creating more space for the preschool within the library room, so that we can recover use of the shelf in the kitchen that was temporarily allocated for their use. No decision was made.

D.Large, secretary
Note: When the minutes say “the Board approved” or equivalent words, it indicates that the matter was moved, seconded, andapproved by a majority of Board members attending the meeting.


Attendance: Dianne Whitaker, Gail Oshry, Jim Casey, Sylvia Watkins-Castillo, Susan Kowitz, Nick Dante, Elaine Webber, and Greg Sensiba
Absent: David Large and Rose Prestipino

  1. CHALICE lit at 12:25 PM.A. Reading: Illumination: Gail
    B. One-minute check-in. (Move riser to closet)
  2. AGENDA: Greg Sensiba moved to either accept. Motion seconded Susan Kowitz.
  3. SECRETARY’S REPORT: Susan Kowitz moved to approve the Minutes, with the following correction: There is only one picnic table. Purchase of table was paid 1/2 by Kowitz family and 1/2 by fellowship. Dave Blawn should be added. Motion seconded by Nick Dante.
  4. TREASURER’S REPORT: Sylvia.It was noted that we are spending more than we are receiving. Approx. 2-3K/month. Elaine Webber moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion seconded Susan Kowitz.It was noted that the accountants are raising their invoice from $165 to $200/month.
  5. COORDINATOR’S REPORT: GailA. Sylvia moved to test new mower. Motion seconded by Susan Kowitz. Gail will check into this.
  6. COMMITTEE REPORTS:A. Sunday Services: Did not meet this month. New laminated inserts discussed for service.
    B. Membership/Outreach: (Jim) Church ad -price going up to $31 each Friday. Decision to alternate weeks between PDN and Sequim Gazette. Jim Casey will check the prices. Gail Oshry will delete Dex phone book ad. Membership committee will begin meeting on Tuesdays 10:00 am at the Mariner Cafe.C. Social Justice: No report. Greg Sensiba questioned the summer lunch program. Dianne indicated that it continues this summer. Greg will attend the next meeting.
    D. Landscape: no report.
    E. Children’s RE (Susan/Rose):1. Approve Susan as Committee Chair of Children’s RE committee. Elaine Webber moved to approve. Motion seconded by Greg Sensiba.2. Move risers will be moved to closet.
  1. OLD BUSINESS:A. Picnic table is in place and being used. Costco has more “Lifetime” $129 picnic table. Anyone interested in purchasing more for OUUF? Elaine will write up an article for the Weekly.B. GA in June – OUUF has 2 votes. No one has inquired about attending.
  2. NEW BUSINESS:A. Update on website – Jack Webber, is UUA’s template. WordPress platform.
    B. Two new task forces – covered above.
    C. Klallam county emergency. Elaine Webber spoke with this group. They would like to havea contract signed that would potentially allow them use our building as a respite for 1st responders, during a disaster. Our circular driveway would be used to distribute food and emergency items. In return they will offer 3 free training classes to OUUF and the neighborhood, and a special contact list would be made for our more vulnerable members.Sylvia Watkins-Castillo motioned. Motion seconded by Susan Kowitz to look at the contract. Signatures will take place later.
  3. FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER: Info, Reminders, & Tabled items:A. From this item what does the board want publicized in the Weekly?
  4. THE CHALICE: Dianne moves to adjourn at 1:45pm.


Present: Dianne Whitaker, Sylvia Watkins-Castillo, Dave Large, Susan Kowitz, Rose Prestipino, Gail Oshry, Greg Sensiba, Elaine Webber
Absent: Jim Casey, Nick Dante

CALLED TO ORDER: 12:25 PM and the agenda was approved.

1. SECRETARY’S REPORT: Dave. The minutes of the February 25 Board meeting were approved.

a, The Treasurer’s report was approved as received.
b. It was noted that expenses for the previous month were somewhat high, partially as a result of the changeover in the Administrator function and the addition of new employees.

a. Dave Roth has expressed an interest in using our building for a concert. It was decided to offer him a reduced-rate rental, but not to otherwise participate in the event as a fellowship.
b. The possibility of bonding the treasurer was discussed, Gail will follow up via email with the board.
c. The limitations of the current Website were discussed. Gail, Jim, and Dianne will meet to further discuss this.
d. Gail suggested that she not attend the May 15 administrators’ retreat in May this year, in favorof potentially attending next year after she has more experience in the job.
e. It was decided that Gail should immediately take over the calendar function. This is in lieu of transferring some of her hours to Pattie for performing that job.

4. SUNDAY SERVICES: There was no formal Sunday Services report, but it was decided not to spend money for an ad on the Easter Services page in the PDN.

5. MEMBERSHIP MANAGER: There was no formal Membership report as Jim was absent, however it was noted that the McDonald Bridge reopening has been delayed until mid-April.

7. SOCIAL JUSTICE: There was no formal Social Justice committee report.

a. Bobby Jo Terwilliger has started as an assistant.
b. Julia Buggy is doing outreach to recruit more children.
c. She would like more backup people for when she needs help.

9. HARDSCAPE WORKING GROUP: Dave gave a verbal report on behalf of the group’s chairpersonDave Blawn.

March 16, 2018 Board Minutes

An initial meeting was held on Friday, March 16. The members attending were of the


unanimous opinion that we should retain the current property, rather than moving, and should look at expanding the current building to the east to house, at the minimum, a dedicated sanctuary. They suggest a goal of accommodating at least 200 in the new sanctuary. They also suggest the use of permeable pavers in parking areas to avoid the need for an engineered drainage plan. Still open are what other functions should be accommodated in the expansion, where the children’s program should belocated, whether other additions to the old building should be considered, and whether we should enclose the current front porch area to reduce congestion and reduce winter heat loss. The Board also suggests looking at adding handicapped-accessible front doors in the current building (which would also serve as entrance to the new addition).

10. FOLLOW-UP FROM RECENT REGIONAL BOARD WORKSHOP: Rose suggested that we adopt the RACI process (presented at the workshop) to better manage our tasks. Discussion ensued, but no formal decision was reached.

11. CHANGES TO ROOM CONFIGURATION: The Board unanimously decided to remove all the risers from the front of the room, use the lectern (now in the entrance way), and create a small step-up platform for behind the lectern that could be used by shorter speakers. This decision was made to increase safety and to allow the room to accommodate more attendees. A work group will be recruited to make the physical changes and attempt to sell all the risers. As part of the reconfiguration, the Story for All Ages may be moved to the center in front of the lectern to improve visibility. Susan will write an explanation for the Weekly.

a. Elaine will coordinate with Jim on attendance at the UUA Regional Assembly in Portland, OR on April 27-29, 2018. The aim would be for one of them to attend so that OUUF would be represented.
b. The UUA General Assembly in in Kansas City on June 20-24th. Gail will look at the offered Webinars and suggest to the Board which it might want to participate in.
c. The ongoing problems with multiple databases and their limitations was discussed, but no decisions made.
d. Rose suggested that OUUF purchase and install a picnic table either on the lawn south of thebuilding or between the building and children’s portable building. She will research the costs and choices involved.
e. The Board unanimously approved Catherine Covert’s return to membership.


D.Large, secretary

Note: When the minutes say “the Board approved” or equivalent words, it indicates that the matter was moved, seconded, and approved by a majority of Board members attending the meeting.

February 11, 2018

Present: Dianne Whitaker, Sylvia Watkins-Castillo, Dave Large, Catharine Covert, Susan Kowitz, Nick Dante, Rose Prestipino
Absent: Elaine Webber, Gregg Sensiba


1. It was moved, seconded and approved to not to spend $450 for a listing for the newspaper’s “Faith Directory.” We will continue to spend $50 for a listing in the North Olympic PeninsulaVisitor’s Guide, and that is already budgeted.

2. Based on the recommendation of the search committee, it was moved, seconded, and approved to offer Gail Oshry the position of Administrative Coordinator and to authorize up to 40 hours per month of work, with the understanding that the job description for that position is still being finalized.

3. Based on the recommendation of the search committee, it was moved, seconded, and approved to offer Jim Casey the position of Membership/Outreach Manager and to authorize up to 40 hours per month of work, with the understanding that the job description for that position is still being finalized.

4. The Board approved reimbursement to Dave Large for the purchase of the new wireless microphone.

5. It was moved, seconded, and approved to purchase a new computer for the Fellowship to be used by the Administrative Coordinator for OUUF business.

6. We discussed briefly, but did not formally authorize additional hours for Catherine to tutor Gail during the transition.

[An executive session dealt with several personnel matters] ADJOURNED: 12:35 PM

D.Large, secretary



Present: Dianne Whitaker, Sylvia Watkins-Castillo, Greg Sensiba, Dave Large, Elaine Webber, Catherine Covert, Pat MacRobbie, Susan Kowitz, Nick Dante
Absent: Rose Prestipino

1. CHALICE LIT: 12:25 PM
2. AGENDA: Amended, Moved and Adopted
3. SECRETARY’S REPORT: Moved and adopted. 4. TREASURER’S REPORT: Moved and adopted.

  1. It was noted that we have a lot of cash on hand due to people paying their 2018 pledges in full at the end of 2017.
  2. OUUF additionally received a single gift of $20,000 from Walt and Sarah Johnson. Sylvia will ask them if it was intended for a specific purpose.
  3. Elaine volunteered to research a strategy for purchasing laddered certificates of deposit for maximizing the yield on excess funds until needed, including the Johnson’s gift.
  4. It was reported that the 2017 W2s, 1099 forms and contribution letters have been mailed.


  1. Membership:(1) Isabelle Paniagua-Stevens was moved from member to friend status at her request. (2) Our membership and average meeting attendance are both down 10 from last year. (3) It was pointed out that we currently do not attempt to interview people who stopcoming to determine why they did so.
    (4) Vicky Sensiba is new Membership co-chair. One of her tasks will be planningprograms for new members.
  2. Sunday Services:
    (1) It was decided to remove the front platforms to increase space for chairs sothat there will be more obvious space for visitors. We should aim to put out 100 chairs each Sunday. Removing the platform would also solve the safety issue with people falling off the current platform, and so the current activity towards defining a railing system to increase platform safety was put on hold.(2) It was decided to look into putting the pulpit and other things used in the service on casters or carts so that they could be moved around as required, such as when the


speaker wants to avoid being in front of the display screen. (3) We will have a new speaker next month, Judy Armstrong.

c. Personnel:
(1) Catherine suggested forming a personnel committee to deal with such issues as pay

equity among employees, orientation of new employees, and appropriate send-offs for

leaving employees.
(2) She also suggested forming a building maintenance team to remove that responsibility

from the administer.
[Note: The Board also went into executive session to deal with specific personnel issues]

  1. Social Justice: No report as there is, as yet, no chair for that group.
  2. Children’s Religious Education:
    (1) There is a new rug for the children’s area
    (2) There was a problem with a non-housebroken puppy last week. Susan will draft apolicy regarding the presence of pets at OUUF functions in general.
    (3) Elaine volunteered to provide a crate for the puppy in the children’s area.
    (4) The Board agreed to pay for several education modules for Julia Buggy, some ofwhich can be done at home, and one of which will require a trip to Portland.

a. Sequim Gazette: We previously decided not to continue paying for our ad there. We do,

however, do the visitor’s guide in both Sequim and Port Angeles. Most people either getthat information online, or read about it in the Peninsula Daily News.


  1. Replacement of Website Directory: A discussion was held concerning a system tocentralize information on members, donations, and other statistics and that would allow easy production of reports as needed and that are consistent across all phases of OUUF’soperations. It should enable printing out a complete, up-to-date roster when required. Greg and Sylvia will take on this search.
  2. Administrative Coordinator Replacement:
    (1) The Board approved the job description, subject to revision as the job search progresses.
    (2) It was agreed that the Administer needs to be available “most” Sundays after theservice.
    (3) It was agreed, as a policy, that no employee shall be forbidden from simultaneously being a member.


(4) It was agreed that Dianne and Catherine will form the interview panel.

c. Congregational Count Questionnaire . . . has been completed.

  1. Policies and Procedures Task Group. Initially Dave Large and Greg Sensiba will start by reviewing Board minutes starting with 2012 (some of this has already been done). This group will not generate new policies or procedures.
  2. Bylaws: The Board tabled the question of revising bylaws for a future meeting.
  3. The Third of March Training Session: We will be the host for several congregations and need to provide lunch and facilities. Tandi Rogers is the regional coordinator for UUF and will be involved throughout the process. We do not know how many people will be attending (they will be from three or four boards). We may want to include several non- board members from our own fellowship, also.
  4. For the Good of the Order. Catherine will do a separate announcement of the Coordinator position.
  5. Hiring of landscape crew. The Board approved the hiring of two part-time landscape workers as contractors, subject to the obligation of the Grounds Committee to stay within their budget.

THE CHALICE was extinguished at 2:45 PM.