Children’s Stories are read to all children at the beginning of the service.

Children’s Story time is coordinated by Dana Casey 

Children’s Director of Religious education Staff

Staff-Cynthia Green – Sandy Goodwick – Julia Buggy


Everyone young and those young at heart and able to get down and up from the rug up in front are encouraged to sit as a group in front of the rocking chair and story teller.


Children are part of our service



After the story, the congregation sings the children out through an arch of arms made by the congregation with the words:

“Go now in peace, go now in peace, may the spirit of love surround you, everywhere, everywhere you may go.   ”  

Then they have a planned project and play time in the studio.     

Our Children’s Program Coordinator is Julia

Past Stories

Below are some powerpoint used in past services during the Children’s Story Time

The children join the congregation for the Story for All Ages.


Children’s Story for July 29th, 2018

The Bomb and the General

Read by Dianne Whittaker




Children’s story for June 17th

My Perfect Neighborhood by Leah Komaiko

Read by Jack Webber


Perfect Neighborhood


Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Read by Jack Webber


Perfect Square


Peter Cotton Tail by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins

Song sung at Easter Service 2018 by Jack Webber

Power Point:

Peter Cotton Tail final version

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Read by Jack Webber


Twas Power Point