CRE November Grades 4+

As we moved into the holiday season, things changed up a bit for the CRE program in November which is why this pose covers the entire month.

November 6th – Asha and Arun attended. We cut out images of hands for a future project. We noted that there were only Caucasian hands in the magazines and that the only magazine that featured any other skin color was called “Feeding the Poor”. The original learning objective was:

– Experience what “helping” might mean.

The learning actually turned out to be:
– Notice WHO needs assistance in the magazines we use to make collages
– Notice who DOESN’T need assistance.
– Notice who is in power and who isn’t.

November 13th – We read two stories The Day of Pentecost and The Tower of Babel. We did Activity 4: Let’s talk and listen, using the friends phrases. We then used the sign language stamps to create an image of a phrase.

November 20th Thanksgiving – the kids made holiday decorations for the Thanksgiving potluck.

November 27th I showed the kids a charcoal sketch that I did and asked if they thought mindfulness had anything to do with being able to draw. They then chose an object from the classroom altar and described it to learn that mindfulness includes observation without judgement.