Cynthia Green, Sandy Goodwick and Julia Buggy are staff of Children’s Religious Education Program at Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


DRE Board Report for May 2018

DRE Board Report for June

DRE Board Report for 5/20-6/17/18

Prepared by  Director Julia Buggy 


Minutes from the RE Committee on 5/27/18.

Present were: Julia Buggy, Catharine Covert, Rose Prestipino and Susan Kowitz.


Notes taken and submitted by our committee chair Susan. Updated by Julia.


Action Item: The riser needs to be removed from the studio. This was done by the cleaning party on June 4th. The riser is in the storage room.


Action Item: This team has been invited to coordinate with the Membership Task Force about possible ways to bring in families. We hope to join their meeting on Tuesday July 10 at 1:00 at the Mariner Café. An e-mail has been sent to Dana Casey from that team to see if it will fit with their agenda.

A suggestion was made that Julia request interviews with families who have come OUUF or would consider coming and ask what would encourage them to try UU again. This information would be useful to have prior to meeting with the task force.


Updating Job Descriptions: Tabled indefinitely.


Studio Cleaning: This was done June 4th.  Cleaners were Sandy Goodwick, Susan Kowitz, Dianne Whitaker, George Stratton and Julia Buggy. Julia provided a potluck with others contributing to the fest.


Volunteer List: for when Julia is not present for RE program. Currently Susan Kowitz, Rose Prestipino, Forrest Davis, Cynthia Green, Joli Will for special events only.


Julia has been keeping attendance and curriculum notes each week and involving the RE program in selected ‘Story for All Ages’ times in the Fellowship service.


Julia to attend a service at OUUF and at Quimper. She will pick a day when only her children are present and have Bobbi Jo provide child care and enrichment so she can listen to a message and be part of the Fellowship. She will also arrange to visit the Children’s RE program at Quimper, possibly on July 1. She will prearrange a children’s program for OUUF for this day and Susan will help Bobbi Jo. (Update- RE Meeting rescheduled due to Father’s Day Board Meeting rescheduling, Julia will visit Quimper UU on 7/22.)


Rose announced that she will step down from this team to attend to other tasks at OUUF and will remain available to volunteer on occasion. Cynthia Green has expressed interest in joining later in the summer.