Olympic UUF has an on site, special library for members and friends of the church located at the Fellowship Hall.

Thank you to Member Geri Napier who has worked hard to organize and maintain its contents.


It can be found in the library/small meeting room beside the Kitchen.



The collection features general books about Unitarian Universalism

as well as information on the

History of our Fellowship.

“History of Olympic UUF” Summary Written by Dorthy Crowell 1994

“Building Dedication Celebration”


There is also a large section of books on other religious traditions,

including Christianity, Judaism, Islam and many other world religions.

In addition, browsers can find a generous selection of inspirational books,

as well as an assortment of materials on philosophy, psychology, and memoirs.

Books and other materials in the library check out on the “honor system”.

When returning books to the library, please put them in the return basket located on the library shelves.



Members are encouraged to browse the library.

Items in the library include:

Building Dedication Celebration

“The New UU” by Jonalu Johnstone