Herding Cats Travel had another wonderful day On Monday, May 7.

TO THE SEA — The Elwha River rushes to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.


Meeting at the picnic grounds near Madison Falls around noon 15 people came for a day in the sun.  

More than a dozen UUs and friends had lunch before hiking the short trail to Madison Falls.



The meadow around our picnic table sparkled with a variety of wildflowers, the mountains were covered with snow, and the Elwha River chuckled and gurgled in the background.


We even had a corral full of horses and mules to supervise.

The sun was warm and bright in a nearly cloudless sky, and a cool breeze blew from the river.

OH, THAT HORIZON — With earlier overcast gone, the Olympic Mountains stand as sentinels over the Elwha Valley.


While munching on sandwiches, salad, chips, and cookies, many of us read or recited favorite poems, many about the outdoors.


Then we wandered the short path to the falls, pausing the read the poetry along the way.

RHYME AND REASON — Josephine Pedersen reads a favorite poem.


The North Olympic Library System and the National Park Service have placed poems along several easy trails in Clallam County to promote Poetry Month.

Our favorite was Shel Silverstein’s Tree House.


APPROPRIATE POEM — The National Park Service and the North Olympic Library System’s signs present poetry along public trails.


The falls were full and rushing with the spring rains.

The trail is an easy walk even for those who use canes and walkers.

People started drifting away about 3 p.m. full of good food and thoughtful words. — Dana Casey