Hoo-dat?  Mystery Part 1, 2, 3, 4


Can you identify this longtime Olympic UUF member

Hoo-dat-Mystery Part 3-Website Social Action Projects

Who’s beneath that floppy hat?

 Still don’t know Dat?

Here’s your last chance.

Guess this pillar of Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and you’ll astound your friends and confound your enemies.

S/he was walking back to River Road with a bag of trash from last Saturday’s cleanup along Highway 101.

At this point — perhaps 10 yards away — photographer Jim Casey still was wondering who it was beneath that hat.

Guess correctly, and you’ll win special mention in Sunday’s service announcements and your choice of seats at the potluck that follows.

The first right answer wins!

Give up?

Wait until Sunday, when we’ll project the final photo during announcments.

Hoo-dat? Mystery Part 4-Sunday Service Announcements

And dat will be dat.

If you can’t name this Olympic UUF stalwart, see a closer photo on the slide show preceding the Aug. 19 service.

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Hoo-dat?  Mystery Part 1, 2, 3, 4

Hoo-dat? Mystery Part 1 Weekly Newsletter

Can you identify this longtime Olympic UUF member

as he or she delivers a load of trash

from our Aug. 11 cleanup of US 101 near River Road

as part of our Social Action Projects?

Hoo-dat? Mystery Part 1  See the Weekly Newsletter

Hoo-dat? Mystery Part 2-Olympic UUF Facebook page.

Ok, getting closer…….

Now can you identify this longtime Olympic UUF member

For a closer picture, see the Olympic UUF Facebook page.