How to make an OUUF PowerPoint for Sunday Service Announcements

Created by Sandy Goodwick

Thanks Sandy!  

How to do OUUF PowerPoints  With example slides

Directions for PowerPoint Slides (announcements)


PowerPoint slides are developed to coincide with the OUUF weekly(online) sent via email usually on Thursdays.  Make sure you have access via email(or go here –

I have a file of ALL the PP’s I’ve made, and another one with pictures I’ve used.  I can send you these either via email (for specific files – don’t know how much I can send via email) or via dropbox

My email is sgoodwick@aol.comand cell is 818-489-8626. CALL/EMAIL if you get stuck or have questions.

Much of the PowerPoint slides are already either embedded in each completed file (like these…)

Basically, each PowerPoint presentation follows the same format …

1 – the first two slides(as above)

2 – after the service today (which varies according to week)

This was for the third Sunday –

4 – every week –

This has to be tweaked regularly (no choir during summer, women’s group going twice a month, etc.)so pre-read OUUF weekly to see whether any of these ‘every week’ events are different.

5 – There are several activities that don’t meet weekly – TED Talk tUUesday, short stories reading group, Thursday women’s group, brunch, etc. For those, I’ve made single slides that I just find (from previous files) and copy/paste to the current file. I put them in the current file in chronological order. I might tweak them with information found in the OUUF Weekly

This is an ecample of a slide I tweak and re-use…

6 – ‘Coming Up’

When something is being introduced or hasn’t yet started, I include it after the ‘Coming Up’… slide

It varies by what seems most logical to you.  Put the event here or in after the ‘every week’ slide (in chronological order)

Maybe the OUUF Weekly has ‘help wanted’ – or ‘news’… Use your best judgement and make a slide that goes with the information.

I always end things with –

because there most likely will be more information in the church bulletin/announcements than in the OUUF Weekly

PICTURES – Maybe that TED Talk can be googled … or there are pictures online or from members that you can add – DO IT!They can be cropped, sized, and adjusted in many ways.

 ANIMATIONS – That’s the stuff that make things appear, disappear, etc. They’re fun but do them only if you can figure them out.

TRANSITIONS – That’s how the slides go from one to the next – I pick one transition, then click ‘Apply to All’


1 – Run through the presentation to see if you have everything you need.  Check with OUUF weekly.

2 – Follow the guidelines (in another file) re: social media for people with visual impairments.  I stick to the run of the mill fonts, either white or yellow bold. Don’t’ capitalize as it becomes confusing to read. If you have animations, do a dry run so you know whether they work automatically or whether you need to click to start them



Your final product – REHEARSE TIMING – give each slide AT LEAST 15 seconds … if words are transitioning, give it longer. My finished files typically run 4 – 6 minutes when done. SAVE THE TIME YOU REHEARSED.


Since you want this to loop continuously, go here and find where it says ‘show options’ – check ‘loop continuously until ‘esc’ This means it will loop over and over and over and…

3 – TRY IT.

Click ‘Slide show’ – from beginning – if it loops    you’re done.

4 – SAVE IT as powerpoint presentation (*.pptx)


Turn TV on, then probably ask Diane Whitaker or Bob Nuffer to help you.  I don’t know what the doo-hickey port is called on my laptop (there are two different kinds) – but if you have a new laptop you should have the port. Stick whatever cord looks good in  The one I stuck in was black (not the blue thingie)

I usually turn my laptop on (battery – no cord), then find the file – turn the TV on, connect the cord from TV… and it works. Remind the service leader to turn the TV off and shut the laptop.


Thank you!!!