The Board of the Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has given permission for the Green Sanctuary Team to lead the congregation in pursuing the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA’s) “Green Sanctuary Accreditation 2030: Mobilizing For Climate Justice – A Roadmap for Congregations to Rise to the Crisis” based on the vision of a world that is sustainable and just for humanity and for the whole of the web of life, including present and future generations.

The mission of the Green Sanctuary Accreditation Team is to provide structure, leadership, and support in broad collaboration with the OUUF faith community to engage in an ambitious environmental and climate justice movement that seeks to live fully our seventh and eighth principles and achieve our vision of a sustainable and just world for all.

The UUA’s Green Sanctuary Accreditation is completed in five stages and addresses the three goals of:
1) Mitigation of the causes of climate change
2) Learning to be resilient and adaptive to the changing climate and
3) Working toward justice for those least responsible but most vulnerable to the effects of the changing climate

These goals will be accomplished through programs, projects, and lifestyle improvements in the areas of: 1) Environmental Justice
2) Sustainable Living
3) Worship and Celebration and
4) Religious Education

Create a Team, Charter, Congregational Profile, and introduce its mission to the congregation. During this stage, the congregation votes on whether or not to pursue accreditation.

Opportunity Assessment: The GS Team gathers information about current and past environmental practices, both individually and as a congregation, and states why we want to undertake this comprehensive program.

The GS Team works with the congregation to develop an Action Plan which will address unprecedented climate change, resiliency, and justice in the areas of environmental justice, sustainable living, worship and celebration, and religious education. The Action Plan must meet the Vision and Mission Statements of Green Sanctuary Accreditation as outlined by the UUA. Our success will be measured by the extent to which we meet our goals and address these urgent issues.

The Action Plan goes into full operation and continues until the goals have been met. It is a long term, congregation-wide effort.

Accreditation 2030 is granted. Accreditation is intended to result in the congregation having a deeper understanding of what it means to live in a world where environmental justice and sustainability exist for the whole of the web of life.