The ‘Olympics’ join

to present the film

The Lorax

      OlympicClimate Action

will join

Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 30,


This Disney animated film is based on Dr. Seuss’s environmentalist tale.

      OCA is a group of citizens addressing the threat of climate change on the Peninsula and in the Salish Sea.

Moreover, it links strongly with other environmentalist organizations in common causes, rallies, protests, and other events.

      Jim Casey, OUUF Member, last month proposed a “congenial conspiracy” between OCA Chairman Ed Chadd and himself.

It has a threefold purpose:

  • To heighten OUUF’s visibility in Clallam County through the Fellowship’s support of environmental stewardship;
  • To give local UUs increased opportunities to join environmental activities in their own community;
  • To invite environmentalists to visit OUUF and consider us for their faith community.

      Chadd has said he hopes to attend The Lorax showing and give a brief explanation of OCA. He also will address the role of faith communities in environmental efforts.

      Jim said, “It’s symbiosis. UUs are environmentalists almost by definition. Clallam County environmentalgroups know the UUs’ stance and value their support.

      “It’s natural that members of the Fellowship may want to join OCA, and that members of OCA may wantto get to know us better.

      “Please come to see The Lorax. You’ve heard of a win-win situation? Well, this is a right-right thing to do.”

A curious critter

will visit OUUF

     He’s too short on one end.

Well, maybe on both.

     He’s orange.

All over.

What’s more, he has the bushiest eyebrows and the biggest mustache you’ve ever seen.

     And he’s very, very angry about how humans are desecrating our planet by overharvesting its resources, exterminating its other species, and polluting its air, earth and water.

      He’s the Lorax, and he stars in the Walt Disney animated film based on Dr. Seuss’ book of the same name.

      You can meet him at a free showing from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 30, in the OUUF Sanctuary.

There will be snacks, games, and activities too, plus a brief talk by a representative of Olympic Climate Action, our partner in the event (see related story).

      Although The Lorax targets children, its message should resonate with grownups who follow the Unitarian Universalist Seventh Principle:

Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We Are a Part.

      The children’s version:

We believe in caring for our planet Earth, the home we share with all living things.

      Theshowing will be open to the community, publicized by both OCA and OUUF, whose ReligiousExploration Committee and Outreach/Membership Task Force are producing it.

      TheFellowship hopes for a terrific turnout, which may determine whether we present more family-friendly movies.

      Andif you missed it at Rise for Climate Action at Hollywood Beach on Sept. 8, your children can play the Orca Wheel and win their choice of marine-themed prizes.

      Actually, adults who spun the wheel seemed to want the prizes as much as the kids, says Dana Casey, who ran the game.

     In any case, everyone will be welcome to play.