Olympic UUF Bylaws Article III Membership

Section 1 – Qualifications:
On a nondiscriminatory basis membership is open to all persons who:

  1. 1) Are eighteen years of age and older
  2. 2) Are in general sympathy with the stated purposes of the Fellowship andUnitarian-Universalist principles
  3. 3) Sign the membership book
  4. 4) Within the individual’s means, make a financial pledge toward the operation and ongoing work of the fellowship

5. 5) Are confirmed by the Board.   Board confirmation shall be denied only in the case of evidence that the proposed member’s interests are not consistent with

those of the Fellowship

Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Bylaws Page 1 of 12 Section 2 – Membership responsibilities and privileges:

  1. 1) By signing the membership book, a new member pledges to contribute, to theirability, time and money for the operation of the Fellowship, and to uphold thebehavioral standards contained in the Fellowship s Covenant of Right Relations.
  2. 2) New members, as are all members, are encouraged to become acquainted withthe history and principles of the Fellowship and to understand the goals andstandards of this religious movement.
  3. 3) All members have the right of one vote, at the annual and all special meetings,either in person or by absentee ballot; however, votes on an absentee ballot for an issue that is amended at the meeting become void. Members may serve in any capacity for which they are selected. Voting privileges commence five days after Board confirmation of membership.

4. 4) All members may attend Board meetings and participate in discussions at the discretion of the president. If a member wishes to address the Board on a subject not on the agenda, he/she must notify the president in advance of the meeting.

Section 3 – Honorary Members
It is recognized that some members, after years of active participation, may no longer be able to contribute or engage in Fellowship activities. The Board may designate these persons as Honorary Members. As such they will not be counted for UUA dues.

Section 4 – Membership may be terminated in three ways:

  1. 1) Any member may terminate his membership by written notice to the Board.
  2. 2) The Board may terminate a member of the Fellowship if there is no evidenceofservice or financial participation for an entire Fellowship fiscal year.
  3. 3) The Board may remove a member for egregious behavior that may bringdisgrace upon the Fellowship, or for behavior that seriously impedes the purpose of OUUF

Section 5 – The “friend” designation
The Fellowship welcomes as friends those who sympathize with, and refrain from behavior that seriously impedes, the purposes of the Fellowship.

Section 6 – Listing of members
Two weeks before any congregational meeting, the Membership chair shall present to the board a list of members eligible to vote. Twice a year, the Membership chair shall provide a listing of all members and Honorary members available to all.