2019 Pledge Drive


Pledge 2020 Form 


To:  OUUF Members and Friends
From:  Dianne Whitaker

Fall is here, another year has gone by, and it is time for our 2020 Congregational Giving Pledge Canvas. 

Attached to this e-mail is the 2020 Congegational Giving Form.

Our Finance Committee has been working hard on drafting the budget. They have listened to your wishes in making up this budget. At a minimum this coming year we need $72,000 to operate. That is, presenting interesting speakers, preserving and improving our building and grounds, paying our limited staff,  and covering day-to-day operations. What we can accomplish in 2020 is up to you.

Thank you in advance for your contribution,

Dianne Whitaker

President OUUF Board of Trustees

 If you have any followup questions please contact our president, any board member, or our administrator.

The OUUF Finance Committee is working on a draft budget for 2020.


Your board of Trustees would like your input as to your priorities.

Please compete this Budget Survey

and return to OUUF either by mail or place in the suggestion box in the hall by the restrooms.



2018 Pledge Drive

We will kick off our pledge campaign this year at our

October Pledge Potluck on October 21st.

Our congregational meeting this year will be December 9th after the service.

A preliminary budget will be available as well as 2019 pledge forms.

The final budget will be voted on at our congregational meeting in December.

Submitted by Dianne Whitaker, President

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have paid or who are paying monthly their pledge for 2018.

Well Fund

If you can dig a little deeper before the end of the year, the board voted to start a well fund for the digging of a new well.

f you want to contribute write “well fund” on the memo line of your check or if giving cash put in an envelope labeled well fund.

Submitted by Dianne Whitaker President

2018 final budget_


Bylaws Related to Finance

Article XI Finances

Section 1
The finance committee and the treasurer shall prepare an operating budget for the Board s approval. This budget shall be presented to the Fellowship at the annual meeting for approval by two-thirds of those voting.

Section 2
The Board may appoint a member, nominated by the treasurer, as the assistant treasurer, who can provide assistance to the treasurer.

Section 3
The Board shall select a qualified person to audit and certify the records of the treasurer at the end of each fiscal year.

Section 4
The fiscal year shall begin on January 1 and extend to December 31 of the year.

Section 5
In case of dissolution of the Fellowship or should the Fellowship become inactive, any funds shall be transferred to the UUA headquarters in Boston to be held in trust. If at the end of ten years the funds are still being held in trust, they shall convert to the general fund of the UUA.