Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall

Are you interested in using our Hall?

  • If you would like more information about using the Fellowship Hall for a private function, please contact  the Administrative Coordinator for details at Admin@OlympicUUF.com


Safety when using the Fellowship Hall

We all must try to be safe wherever we may be, and this includes at OUUF. 

If you need to be in the building, try to schedule time when there will be others at the facility. 

Check the website for  the time groups meet or call the Administrative Coordinator to inquire when the best time would be.


If you need to be in the building alone and wish to keep the front entry door locked, you may do the following:


§    Unlock the door and enter the building

§   Go to the library and open the outside door

§    Block the door open temporarily

§   Go back out the front door

§    Lock the building

§    Put the key back in the lockbox and scramble the code wheel settings

§  Go around the building, re-enter through the library door, and shut it securely behind you.

§   You may still exit the building through the front door by using the push bar to release the locking mechanism; the door will remain locked.


It is also advisable to have your cell phone close by (or on your person) in case you need to make a call.

Be aware that in the case of an emergency no one will be able to enter to render assistance unless they have a key, or you are able to open a door.


Always be aware of your surroundings. 

This includes coming onto the grounds to park and walk to the building. 

If you see anything suspicious, do not proceed, call 911 and then the church telephone number, which is forwarded to the Administrative Coordinator


Elinor Tennyson

Administrative Coordinator