Topic: Bucket Lists: 1001 Nouns to Verb before you Die!

Service Leader – Vivian Mulligan  

Story for all Ages – Cynthia Green 

 Life is just a bowl of . . . 

. . . uh, Life, said Joseph Bednarik in his sermon Sept. 19. 

Life (not the cereal) actually is a serving of choices, he said, that are yours — not the author of some 1,001-things-to-see-eat-drink-or-think-before-you-die book.

Actually,  Joseph only poured a bowl of the cereal  to illustrate his talk.

Photo-illustration by Jim Casey.

For the publishing industry, linking the number “1001” to the phrase 
“Before You Die” works wonders:        
Movies to watch!   
Books to read! 
Cities to visit!  
Beers to quaff! 
This sermon takes a long, hard look 
at the phenomenon of “Before You Die” books,  
the catalyzing power of  limits,       
the functionality of bucket lists,  
and what nouns are worth  spending a life verbing.     

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