July 22nd, 2018

Title:  Religious Rodeo: Bull Whips, Throwing Stars, and a Volunteer from the Audience

Description:  The traveling showman was larger than life: A world-record knife thrower, a Vietnam vet with a wooden leg, and fresh from a weekend at the legendary Gerry Rodeo. This summer evening, he and his wife were saving souls under a vast billowing tent in rural New York. Three UUs sat in the front row and raised their hands when he beckoned, “Are there any volunteers in the audience?”



Joseph Bednarik serves as the Pulpit Assistant at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Port Townsend, Washington. He studied philosophy at Haverford College, and has worked in literary publishing for over twenty years. He is currently the Co-Publisher of Copper Canyon Press, a nonprofit dedicated to poetry.

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