Unitarian Universalist 101

Our Speaker for the June 24th Service will be Vivian Mulligan. She will be presenting a broad overview of what Unitarian Universalist means.


You just walked in our doors and you wonder Who are the Unitarian Universalists? Or you’ve been coming here for over 20 years, and still you wonder Who are the Unitarian Universalists? As some, including the late Billy Graham assert, are we a cult? Because of our lack of dogma – and we can be dogmatic about our lack of dogma – there is a lot of emphasis inside and outside our denomination on what we DON’T believe. But what DO we believe? How does our Universalist heritage and our Unitarian heritage affect what we believe and how we act today? Please join me in considering just who we are.

UU 101 PowerPoint by Vivian Mulligan



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