“The Vial of

Clallam County Fire 🔥district 3

Dan Orr, Assistant Chief – Risk Reduction & Planning 


911 Vials

Good communication with the EMTs and paramedics who answer a 911 call for help at your residence can mean the difference between life and death.

This is especially important when a patient is unable to speak or is unconscious.

It’s not uncommon for a patient to be alone and incapacitated by a medical condition such as a stroke, medication overdose, or diabetes.

When this occurs, patients are not able to provide caregivers with answers to essential diagnostic questions.

Consequently, the medical condition becomes more difficult to diagnose and appropriate treatment may be delayed while the firefighters search for important medical history.



The District’s 911 Vials provide a way to insure that crucial medical information is readily available during a medical emergency.

The 911 vials come with two “911 Alert” stickers, one for the front door, the other for the refrigerator.

The “911 Alert” stickers indicate to responders that they can to go to the refrigerator where they will find the 911 Vial located in one of the refrigerator door shelves.


By completing the medical information form and storing the vial correctly, citizens can provide emergency responders with vital life-saving information.

Within the 911 Vial responders will find a form where patients have noted their pertinent medical information.

This provides caregivers with essential information regarding medical history, attending physician, current medications, allergies, and emergency contact information that will expedite and more efficiently guide patient care.

Medical Information Form


The 911 Vials are available free to individuals living within the District by contacting the Fire District during normal business hours at 683-4242 or picking up a vial at the District’s Headquarter located at 323 North Fifth Avenue.


How to use the 911Vial



  1. Complete the forms in English. They must be legible to be beneficial to care givers. Be sure to keep the information up-to-date and accurate. Be sure to sign and date the forms.
  2. Place the vial on a shelf in the door of your refrigerator.
  3. Place one of the “911 Alert” stickers on the outside of the refrigerator in a prominent location, the other on or near your front door where it is clearly visible to emergency responders.
  4. Update the form whenever your medical history or medications change. Review the form at least twice per year when you change your smoke detector batteries.

Replacement forms for updating your 911 Vial are available for download at the District’s website atwww.ccfd3.org. Contact your physician or local fire station if you have any questions.

Chief Orr joined the District’s management team in December of 2015 as the Community Risk Reduction/Long Range Planning Chief. Chief Orr became interested in the fire service while stationed in Yuma Arizona in the Marine Corp. He started his fire service career in Pismo Beach, California as a paid – call firefighter. He held the ranks of Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, and Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal. Thirteen years later, he left Pismo Beach as the Fire Chief and became the Operations Chief for the City of Santa Maria. In his 15 year career with Santa Maria, he held the positions of Operations Chief, Shift Battalion Chief, and served as the Fire Chief for the last four years there.

Chief Orr is a certified Fire Officer and Chief Officer through the State of California. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Vocational Education. He has traveled over the western United States teaching firefighting techniques, basic management, and leadership classes. He has been nicknamed “Chief Doom” by the President of the Board of Commissioners for Fire District 3. Chief Orr is active in teaching emergency preparedness throughout the County.