Sermons are either available as print or video (posted with permission of speaker).


Sermon 9-24-23 Joseph Bednarik “Content Warning: Buckle Up!”

Sermon 9-10-23 Bob Nuffer “Good Goats”

Sermon 8-27-23 Joseph Bednarik “Cosmic Time in the Middle of Nowhere”

Sermon 8-20-23 Bob Nuffer “Amazing Grace”

Sermon 8-13-23 Terry Barrett “The Path to Fearlessness”

Sermon 8-6-23 Rev. Bruce A. Bode “Fairy Tales for the Elder Years”

Sermon 7-16-23 Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “Nine Ways of Looking at Peace”

Sermon 7-9-23 Rev. Bruce A. Bode “Flower Communion”

Sermon 6-25-23 Joseph Bednarik “Approaching Sacred Spaces”

Sermon 6-18-23 Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “In the Name of the Father”

Sermon 5-28-23 Joseph Bednarik “Go Out and Love Some More!”

Sermon 5-21-23 Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “House at Pooh Corner”

Sermon 5-14-23 Terry Barrett “I Love You, Mom”

Sermon 4-23-23 Kate Kinney “John Muir: We Thank You”

Sermon 4-9-23 Rev. Bruce A. Bode “Easter for Everyone!”

Sermon 4-2-23 Terry Barrett “Could Be Good”

Sermon 3-26-23 Joseph Bednarik “Postcards from Your Spiritual Journey”

Sermon 3-19-23 Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “Prophetic Sisterhood”

Sermon 3-13-23 Rev. Bruce A. Bode “In Quest of ‘Living Religion'”

Sermon 2-19-23 Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “Amazing Grace”

Sermon 2-5-23 Terry Barrett “What Lies Within Us–The Influence of Emerson”

Sermon 1-22-23 Joseph Bednarik “SWOTing Our Religion”

Sermon 1-8-23 Rev. Bruce A Bode “Once Only”

Service 1-1-23 Luminescence


Sermon 12-18-22 Dr. Rev. Lynn Ungar “By A Different Light”

Sermon 12-11-22 Rev. Bruce Bode “Why Is There Something, Not Nothing?”

Sermon 11-27-22 Joseph Bednarik “Me, Responsible?”

Sermon 11-13-22 Rev. Bruce Bode “The Question of ‘God’: Part II, Concepts”

(PDF contains Parts I & II)

Sermon 11-6-22 Terry Barrett “Finding Another Way”

Sermon 10-23-22 Joseph Bednarik “Searching for Signs”

Sermon 10-16-22 Terry Barrett “We Speak Our Words”

Sermon 10-9-22   Rev. Bruce Bode “The Question of ‘God’: Part I, Language”

Sermon 10-3-22   Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “Turning Over a New Leaf

Sermon 9-25-22   Joseph Bednarik “TRAIL CLOSED: Now What?”

Sermon 9-17-22   Rev. Bruce Bode “Is UU a Religion? Four Approaches”

Sermon 8-28-22  Terry Barrett “You Matter”

Sermon 8-21-22  Joseph Bednarik “Searching for Free and Responsible”

Sermon 8-7-22  Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “Curiosity Cured the Cat”

Sermon 7-24-22 Spirit in Nature

Sermon 7-17-22   Rev. Bruce Bode “Excesses of God”

Sermon 7-10-22   Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “Dancing with Dogs” 

Sermon 7-3-22   Bob Nuffer “Compassion in Crisis”

Sermon 6-26-22   UU General Assembly Sunday Service (YouTube)

Sermon 6-19-22   Geoff Rimositis “Our Wild and Precious Lives” 

Sermon 6-12-22   Rev. Bruce Bode “Our National Faith”
Sermon 5-22-22   Joseph Bednarik “Nina Simone’s Gum”
Sermon 5-15-22   Vivian Mulligan “UUs Then and Now”
Sermon 5-8-22   Rev. Bruce Bode “Fairy Tales for the Early Years “
Sermon 5-1-22   Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “Contra Dancing” 
Sermon 4-24-22   Joseph Bednarik “Deadline or Due Date?” 
Sermon 4-10-22    Rev. Bruce Bode “Journey of Renewal with Robert Frost as Guide” 
Sermon 3-13-22   Rev. Bruce Bode “Death in Dual (and Dueling) Perspectives”
Sermon 2-27-22   Joseph Bednarik “Sharing Sadness”
Sermon 1-23-22   Joseph Bednarik “Doing Worthwhile”


Sermon 12-26-21   Joseph Bednarik “Here we are”
Sermon 12-19-21   Bob Nuffer “Christmas Traditions 2021” 
Sermon 12-5-21   Rev. Bruce Bode “Finding Our Way in the Christmas Season”
Sermon 11-28-21   Joseph Bednarik “Choose to Have a Great Day”
Sermon 11-21-21   Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar “Giving Thanks”
Sermon 11-7-21   Rev. Bruce Bode “The Music of the Night”   (Phantom of the Opera)
Sermon 10-31-21   Joseph Bednarik “Facing Identity–The Magical Lure of Masks”

Sermon – 10-17-21   Joseph Bednarik “Kindness and Revenge in the Drive-Thru Line”  

Sermon 10-10-21   Rev. Bruce Bode “Backdoor Solutions” 

Sermon 9-19-21   Liz James “My Muzungu Eyes Are Improving”

Sermon 9-12-21   Joseph Bednarik “Defining Shadows” 
Sermon 8-22-21   Joseph Bednarik “I remember”
Sermon 8-8-21   Rev. Bruce Bode “A Child Said “What is the Grass?” 
Sermon 8-1-21   Joseph Bednarik  “The Theory and Practice of Labyrinths” 
Sermon 7-25-21   Joseph Bednarik  “Pilgrimage to Inspiration Stump”
Sermon 7-18-21   Rev. Bruce Bode “Reflecting on Your Life’s Journey” 
Sermon 6-27-21   Joseph Bednarik “Coming Our to a Packed House” 
Sermon 6-13-21   Rev. Bruce Bode “The Art of Losing” 
Sermon 5-30-21   Rev. Bruce Bode “For Memory Will Keep What It Has Heard”  
Sermon 5-23-21   Joseph Bednarik “To See the World:  Divine Arts of Imagination” 
Sermon 5-16-21   Jamal Rahman “Spiritual Practices To Become More Human” (YouTube)
5-5-2021  Bruce Bode “Blessing”  Sermon 5-9-2021 BB
4-25-2021  Joseph Bednarik “Principle Connections”  Sermon 4-25-2021
4-18-2021  Joseph Bednarik “Faith in the Hard Questions:  Sermon 4-18-2021 JB
4-11-2021  Bruce Bode “Forgiveness:  What It Is and What It Isn’t”    Sermon 4-11-2021 BB
3-28-2021  Joseph Bednarik  How Do You Heal?   Sermon 3-28-2021 JB

3-21-2021  Jamal Rahman   Insights of the Prophet Muhammad      Audio  Only

3-14-2021  Bruce Bode Sermon 3-14-2021 BB   The Boundless Deep
2-28-2021 Joseph Bednarik Sermon 2-28-2021 JB   Simplicity’s Sweet Spot 
2-14-2021 Bruce Bode   Sermon 2-14-2021 BB   Speaking of Love
1-24-2021  Joseph Bednarik Sermon 1-24-2021 JB   Second Best Time 
1-10-2021 Bruce Bode Sermon Jan 10 2021 BB Do you like your life?


12-20-2020 Joseph Bednarik  Sermon Dec 20 2020 JB  Peace in the Fine Print – if you want it
12-13-2020 Bruce Bode, “What Child is This?”  Sermon Dec 13, 2020 BB
11-22-2020 Joseph Bednarik  Sermon Nov 22, 2020 JB
 9-27-2020 Joseph Bednarik   Sermon Sept 27 2020 J
9-13-2020 Bruce Bode Printed Sermon     Sermon Sept 13 2020 BB

 8-30-2020 Joe Rettenmaier 

The Seven Principles Song – Children’s RE Program
Jamal Rahman – Sacred Holding Spiritual Practice.    Insights during Crisis
Amanda Aikman – Let America Be America Again

Amanda Fear and Faith Sermon  

Sermon June 28 2020 JB

NOTE:  June 21, 2020 sermon available on video only. No printed copy.

Sermon June 14 2020 Bruce Bode

Sermon June 7 2020 Bruce Bode

Sermon May 24 2020 Joseph Bednarik