Seven at 7 Fellowship Members Dinners

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We’re Starting a New Round of Seven-at-Seven Dinners

What are Seven at Seven Dinners?

Seven at Seven Dinners are informal potlucks held in individual homes.

The name Seven at Seven is used to emphasize that these potlucks are not for couples only.  All members and friends of OUUF are welcome to attend.

Do I have to serve as host?

No, many people don’t have space to hold a dinner.  When you sign up, let us know whether or not you can be a host.  Typically, we rotate hosts so that everyone gets a chance.

What date and time are they held?

The host works with the attendee list to find a date and time that works for all.

How do you sign up?

Contact:  Serena (Seri)  Mylchreest  to sign up

One Response to “Seven at 7 Fellowship Members Dinners

  1. Thank you, Serena, for taking on the organizing of this! I would love to be kept on the list of new people who love this way to connect with others. I have a tiny table, so can’t host more than 3, but I am open to attending gatherings!

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